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Winter Headband: Jasmine Stitch.


Someone else with crocheting obsession here? I recover one of my favourites crafts this winter: crocheting. I knit a lot! because Vancouver it’s freezing now! and as you know… I’m not fan of using hats. Wear winter hats with curly hair could be a nightmare. Bad hair all day, deformed curls, greasy scalp (in my case), and I love my curls free!

Of course have curly hair is like having natural protection on your head, that’s what I’m thinking before THIS COLD!, Use a hat/headband/ear warmer/beret or whatever is totally justified here. So I pick this stitch to do something with this beautiful green yarn I have for years in my “yarn box”.

So, some days I use my hats, others a beret, and now this solution for not get deformed curls just in day 1 (curly girl method) Because with this weather, zero chances to go outside with your hair NOT dry. I made that mistake and I got sick for 2 weeks!


This my result: With enough space to keep the curls safe of wind, and protect efficiently your head and ears from cold. And I love it!! It takes me like 1 week to do it.

I follow this tutorials, and it works!

One of my purposes of 2020 (haha) is KNIT OR CROCHETING all the yarn I have storage for years! yarn is made to be knitted.

I have other green color, and I’m looking for other “puffy” stitch to try do more of this headbands.

Try it!


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