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Pig Review is back!

While we were stranded in London in March 2018, we improvised and put together this blog with a name-concept-lifestyle (as well mega hipster wannabe) that we came up with a long time ago: #PigReview, where we will tell you about pig and lizard adventures.
From airport lounges to food-trucks, we will tell you what we love most about our travels: eating and drinking. Where hunger catches us. The good life without shame, has its own ranking that we detail below:

Piglets: up to 5 piglets, refers to food, quantity, quality, etc. How good it is, and basically figuring out how much of that dish you could eat, forever or just once.

Lizards: up to 5 Lizards refers to the “fancyness” of the place. And of course, not because it is less elegant is bad. The story behind why we use lizards was because about 7 years ago we were listening to the radio, and a very elegant lady spoke up and her name was “Mademoiselle Lagart“. What a fancy name! lol

Crowns: When everything is too much, we find that it exceeds any category, we add crowns to the pig. Deluxe

Pig Ranking

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