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TIES – Teaching Intelligent Emotions


Vanessa Prigollini


Digital Marketing Design


May 8, 2019


Vancouver - Mexico


Digital Marketing


TIES – Teaching Kids Tools For Life: Workshops and talks for children, moms and dads on various topics of parental and child development. Workshop topics go from exploring, naming, recognizing and understanding different pleasant and unpleasant emotions, to dealing with emotions and self-regulation and self-control techniques to use at home.



Vanessa Prigollini is the creator of this program, from Mexico, living in Vancouver, do these workshops in English and Spanish. In the first 2 months of work in their Social Media accounts (Facebook and Instagram), there is an increase of 254% in Post reach, 67% Page Likes and 150% Post Engagement, based in 720 Followers in total at the beginning, growing to 1000+.

Specific work:

Graphic design · Digital Marketing Plan · Social Media Calendar · SM Content · Manage accounts