Project : Andrea Glows Makeup Artist

Project Info

Client: Andrea Glows Makeup Artist
Year: 2023
Location: Montreal
Category: ,

As an independent web designer, I had the privilege of collaborating directly with Andrea Glows, a talented makeup artist based in Montreal, to create an online showcase for her exceptional skills. The primary goal of this project was to design a website that not only mirrors Andrea’s unique artistic style but also serves as an inviting space for potential clients in Montreal seeking professional makeup services.

Key Project Objectives:

  1. Distinctive and Personalized Design:
    • Develop a website design that authentically represents Andrea’s individual style and artistic approach.
    • Ensure the design captures the essence of Andrea Glows, offering visitors an immersive experience into her creative world.
  2. Showcasing Portfolio Diversity and Service Details:
    • Craft a structured layout to effectively showcase Andrea’s diverse portfolio of makeup artistry, illustrating her versatility.
    • Provide comprehensive information about the spectrum of makeup services offered, spotlighting Andrea’s expertise across various styles and occasions.


The Andrea Glows Makeup Artistry Portfolio project resulted in a visually captivating and functional website that authentically represents Andrea’s talent and professionalism. The design not only aligns with Andrea’s personal brand but also provides an inviting digital space for individuals in Montreal seeking exquisite makeup services.

This direct commission allowed me to showcase my ability to understand and cater to Andrea Glows’ unique requirements, emphasizing a personalized and client-centric approach. The website stands as a testament to the collaboration between Andrea Glows and myself, delivering a digital platform that resonates with her audience and elevates her presence in the makeup artistry landscape.

Explore the Andrea Glows website to witness a seamless integration of design and makeup artistry, offering a glimpse into the exceptional skills of a Montreal-based makeup artist ready to transform special occasions.