Project : Kursus WebApp

Project Info

Client: Company name protected by confidentiality agreement
URL: This Project was under Volpus Media (Chilean operations) KURSUS: We work with our client to build the brand, something short and easy to remember: kursus, the German word for "course" (English) and "curso" (Spanish), the three languages of the app, and all of them share the same etymology: "cursus" in Latin. COLOR AND TYPO: To transform the idea into a logotype, we use orange. This color is related to confidence, brightness, and success, supported by a bold handwriting font style.


Year: 2018-09-07
Location: Antofagasta, Chile

Kursus is an e-learning intranet platform, specially created and designed for a Mining company, to help them train labour and staff in different areas of the industry such as the use of tools, self-protection, and company security rules.
One of the specifications in the brief was the user: most of them are non-tech savvy. Considering this it was a challenge for us to design for them a platform easy to use and easy to follow the steps of a course system. To make this possible, we choose a reduced color palette, organize the information in an easy and natural way to navigate. Also, we include a review forum to listen to the users in the first launch, to make it better.