Project : AYWN Cannabis E-Commerce

Project Info

Client: All Your Green Needs
Year: 2020
Location: Vancouver

All Your Weed Needs - Cannabis online store

As the lead web designer for Elite RMG’s  website project, I was responsible for designing the website’s graphics, as well as creating the UX/UI. Our objective was to create an engaging and easy-to-use platform where customers could purchase a variety of cannabis products online.

I started the project by working closely with the development team to create a mock-up of the website’s layout. I ensured that the website was easy to navigate, and that the graphics were visually appealing. I then designed the website’s user interface, focusing on creating a seamless user experience.

The final product was a website that exceeded the client’s expectations. Customers found the website easy to use, visually appealing, and informative. The client was thrilled with the final design, and we received positive feedback from both the client and customers.

The project was an excellent opportunity to showcase my design skills and my ability to deliver a project on time and within budget.