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Project : Marwa Bellydance Artist Website & Merchandising

Project Info

Client: Marwa Bellydance Artist
Category: ,
Status : Completed
Year: January 1, 2021
Location: Santiago, Chile

Marwa Bellydance Artist & Coach - Website

As a graphic designer for Marwa, a belly dancer artist and teacher, I had the opportunity to work on several exciting projects since 2010. Our collaboration involved creating an online class platform, designing a website, and developing merchandise.

When it comes to Marwa’s website, the challenge was to make it clean and straightforward while still capturing her artistic essence. We achieved this by using a minimalist design approach with elegant typography and a color palette that represents the beauty and grace of belly dance.

The website features a user-friendly interface that showcases Marwa’s dance portfolio, her teaching programs, and upcoming events. It also includes a blog section where she shares her thoughts and insights on belly dance culture.

Through my work with Marwa, I have gained a deeper appreciation for the art of belly dance and the importance of visual storytelling in creating a memorable brand identity.